A sleep study involves the non-invasive recording and monitoring of bioelectric signals from various locations on the body.

What does a sleep study involve?

We use state of the art modern equipment in our testing and have great results. Initial diagnostic sleep studies and review studies following implementation of treatment are both available. A doctors referral is required for a Sleep study.

What to expect.

A referral from your doctor is required before a sleep study can be performed.

  • Arrival at Bendigo Sleep Lab
  • Hookup of electrodes (usually taking 20-30mins) by the technician
  • Technician will plug all the wires in and make sure everything is working properly by performing what is called 'patient calibrations'
  • Return home to sleep at your usual bed time

How to prepare for your sleep study.

On the night of your sleep study please come dressed in a t-shirt or singlet that you are happy to sleep in, also bring along an over garment that can be zipped or buttoned down the front.

Please do not use hair product on the day of your study and remove nail varnish before your test.

What to bring.

We advise having someone drive you to and from our clinic on the night of your sleep study.

  • Comfortable sleeping clothes
  • Medicare Card
  • Doctor's Referral
  • List of medications
You will be wired up in our rooms and return home with all the electrodes attached, on the next day you can take these off yourself and return them to our rooms.

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